A.K.A. The Shimmering City, The Diamond of the Desert, The Jewel, Home


Basic Layout and Info

Umbra is a perpetually rotating city located in a endless desert. It is shaped like a dodecagon (12 sided object) to allow each section of the city 1 hour of direct sunlight.

Umbra is contained within a massive wall. It stands half a mile tall and a mile wide that tapers down. That and the Sunstones that line the walls give the appearance of a jewel lodged in the sand.

If the city were to stop the 6 sections (Called Slices) facing the never-moving sun would burn and the other 6 slices would become to cold to be livable. Therefore the continued function of Umbra is the patriotic responsibility of every citizen

Thus the City’s Creed: “Keep Umbra Moving”

Umbra is also divided into 3 Layers to accommodate its growing population and the mechanical components needed to keep it spinning. The Layers of Umbra are the affluent surface layer Corona Platform, the crowded subterranean layer DoBell, and the iron heart of the jewel The Core.


Umbra is ruled by a figure known as The Light an all powerful godking. He uses HaLO to enforce the laws of the land. Each slice has a Representative they send to council with The Light.


Umbra believes that the Gods of Old exist but they have long forsaken this place. Religious folk are seen as naive and bit strange.


While those in DoBell are certainly less wealthy than those on Corona Platform, movement between the layers is common as citizens commute to and from work. With enough hard work anyone from DoBell can eventually move to Corona Platform Only a few noble families exist and can typically be found on the far edge of their Slices.


All known races exist in Umbra, but humans are most common followed by dwarves and elves. Race relations are fairly good however most people notice more humans live on Corona Platform than any other race.


Magic is regarded as a lost art. Most people believe that with enough time the secrets of magic will be discovered by technological advances. Anyone with magical talents is brought directly to The Light.

Other Facts

- The exact origin of the city has been lost to time, but the legend of man surviving in spite of the god’s scorn has become legend

- The city drains toward the center so the less desirable real estate is located there.

- Crime is on the rise and so is civil unrest. Dangerous rumors fly around the city’s darker corners

- No one has returned from a meeting with The Light if they had magical talents.


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