Umbra, "The Shimmering City"

A Flicker of Doubt

Forgive me gods. It has been too long since my last confession.

I’ve been working with fellow followers of The Light to put an end to the evils of Umbra. They wear masks that hide their true nature but even I use a fake name. I have been working hard to find Imogen Theptide, the Blood Thief, but other creatures of the darkness have gotten in our way. Due to my oath of vengeance, I cannot let these evils continue. If a demon stands in front of me, Imogen must wait.

My fellow masks have given me strength. Their will and desire to save Umbra, mirror my own. I owe them my live.

Something has been troubling me, though. We recently received our fortunes from a being who hid among us, pretending to be Hunter Seeker. Who knows how long he’s been following us but he seemed to take a great interest in our adventures. My fortune was not a pleasant one. The first card, Donjon, foretold that I would become a prisoner of my own mind and the second, Torturer, linked my imprisonment to a great evil.

I haven’t told the others, but I can’t help feeling this has something to do with the Blood Thief. Since our last encounter, something has changed. No. Not a change… a flicker. A flicker of doubt courses through my veins. Very faint.

I must confess… I no longer revel in the thought of finding the Blood Thief. But I must. I took an Oath. I will find Imogen and I will end him. Now that I have the Armor of The Light, nothing will stand in my way.

- The Silver Fox


Stay strong brother, Imogen will answer for is crimes, no one is above the LAW.


A Flicker of Doubt

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