Umbra, "The Shimmering City"

A party to remember

FGame.of_.Thrones.S03E09.HDTV_.x264-EVOLVE.mp4_snapshot_40.44_2013.06.05_13.57.54.jpg</a>inally a spot of light

We reported to Scarlet that her son, Jonah, had been turned into a phoenix by an alter ego of Dr. Crow. She seemed incredibly unfazed. After some questioning she revealed she and Jonah were ancient beings that are cursed to live their lives over and over again and that this was part of the cycle. However Dr. Raven had separated them in time so that Jonah was always younger than her… which was a problem because they are lovers and not mother and son. I found this all pretty disturbing and now seriously question Scarlet’s love life. She could have chosen to call him her adopted child, a friends kid, anything but her blood son… Anyway…

After being invited to join a fancy dinner party in Dobell we decided to attend but with our guard up. The party was a little odd but after some deep inspection of the room and our guests all seemed to be in order. Still several of our party refused the food, much to our hosts dismay. Some of the people in attendance seemed to be people we may have encountered throughout our journeys and they all certainly knew us.

Our host explained there would be some games throughout the evening, the first of which was a raffle. The item to be won was a Bronze Horn of Valhalla. This immediately spiked my interest as I recognized the item and knew of its abilities. I purchased 100 platinum’s worth of tickets to assure it was mine and I indeed won. A fifth of the price of what I would have to pay if I could even find one in a shop.

More delicious looking food was brought out and the second game was explained. Bets were taken to see which would win, the big one or the small one and a cage was revealed from the floor. It seemed like there would be a fight of some sort. This put our party on edge. After all this was a group of nobles about to have a cage match, who knew what would lie under the large and small blankets. Once they were revealed it was none other than Chess Master, and Actual Cannibal Shia Buff!

Upon seeing his sworn enemies, The Silver Fox paid a fee in order to enter the ring so that he could claim the kill for himself. However, when he entered he learned that our gracious host was none other than Imogen Theptide! The rest of the people in the room turned to dust except two. Now our quiet evening had turned into a fight against three of our greatest enemies, none of which we were able to defeat on their own, and two henchmen.

I immediately began laying into Imogen with arrows, Shepard took on the henchmen, and Shia bit down hard on the Chess Masters back immobilizing him. Imogen was the first to fall. It was obvious he had not prepared for us to uncover his rouse so quickly. He was quickly injured and trued to escape but could not outrun my arrows, Caduceus and Hunter Seeker. He turned into ash and just a heart remained.

Shia seemed to be taking care of Chess Master all on his own, not letting go with his bite. The life draining from his body I sent an arrow in to confirm the kill. Now only to Actual Cannibal Shia Buff was left. Hunter Seeker shouted out the order of events that would have to happen in order to kill him. First the liver had to go. With a shot as true as could be I sent an arrow straight into his side, piercing the liver. Then off with his head. Silver Fox took off Shias head in a single blow summoned from his gods. We quickly ran over to the henchman and saw Sheppard and Monk were in trouble. The henchmen wound up putting up more of a fight than their masters but with our combined powers they were defeated.

Finally it seems we have begun to thin our many foes. Perhaps, just perhaps there may be a way for us to turn the tides of this approaching doom. Still even in this victory so many questions remain. Where are the other animal kings? What has Rat Girl become now? Who is sitting on the throne of the light?



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