Umbra, "The Shimmering City"

Masks of Umbra Issue 16: The Travler

Having vanquished their terrible foe, the Masks were stuck in the middle of the Scorch. Lucky for them they had new and shiny dirt golem suits to shield them from the sun’s unrelenting assault. They pressed their necklaces, donned the earthen shells and began to look around. Monk saw what looked like a man, alone and in the middle of the blazing heat. Weather he needed help or was a new threat, the group was too curious to leave it alone.

They began the slow mile long march, and then rat girl noticed something: An extra dirt golem walking with the party. The clever rodent heroine had the party pull out their weapons, and it was revealed that two people were claiming to be Hunter Seeker. The jig was up and the imposter was knocked clean out of his protective armor. It seemed as though the newcomer didn’t need it as he stood directly in the sun’s harmful rays. He called himself the traveler, the rouge emissary of Fate. He looked like a quaker mixed with a merchant, but was completely devoid of color: His skin gray, his clothes black and white. He read the fate of the entire party and only Monk chose to remain in the dark, stating that his destiny was not for him to know.

The traveler left and the party continued out towards the figure they had spotted earlier. When they finally reached it, It was the husk of an Angel of the Light, HaLO’s discontinued royal guards. However they didn’t have much time as a giant sandworm burst forth from the ground! Monk was caught in its jaws, and the fight was on. As Monk was carried higher and higher, the party worked quickly to save him. Monk had his own plans as he fought the beast from inside. When they were done, the party had transformed the beast into a sand-submarine and were easily able to make it back to Umbra.



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